mardi 6 juillet 2010

Summer break for "the mermaid Princess"

En attendant la reprise au mois de novembre, voici quelques extraits d'articles de la tournée anglaise :

"Take the opening passage. The scene is set neatly by a wispy but engaging female narrator (Raffaella Gardon) and her sweetly lumbering animal companion (Valerio Tambone)"

The Times

"It’s shiveringly beautiful and frequently spellbinding, played out by the five ensemble members in a vast space where suspended silken banners have a wafting choreography of their own, physicality creates the dramatic storm and shipwreck, and the slow descent of two chandeliers provides a palace. Thrilling opera accompanies swells of high drama and blends with pop and nursery rhyme in a characteristically quirky score."

Pat Ashworth for The Stage

"Both men also play a variety of other roles, as do the other two female performers Eugenia Amisano and Raffaella Gardon- the latter taking on the role of Narrator and producing a very effervescent performance."

the Lowry Salford

"Raffaella Gardon, as the play’s narrator, brought a childlike feel to the performance, engaging and sprightly, she was a welcome break from the sinister and dark atmosphere that consumed much of the show."

Babergh District Council-South Suffolk

"...Raffaella Gardon is gorgeous as the narrator..."

Amytheatre's blog

"This production had tragedy, romance, comedy, dance, acrobatics, music and song. It was beautiful, haunting and complex. The audience, (about half adult and half children over eight), were transfixed and transported into another world for an hour – which seemed all too short. And you could tell by the rapturous applause at the end that the memory of it would stay with them, as it will stay with me, for a long time."

West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds

"Eugenia Amisano and Raffaella Gardon are scene stealers in a variety of roles including narrator, as is Paolo Summaria as the Lord Chamberlain. These three really play to the children in the audience, bringing the fairytale element to life."

What's on stage

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